I have had the honor and pleasure to know Ms. Beth Azor for over seven years. We met when she was the President of Terranova Corporation, and to say that I was impressed with her intimate knowledge of the South Florida Retail Leasing Market would be an understatement. Since then, I have witnessed, first hand, her ability to maximize the potential of a property’s value, by obtaining the highest rents coupled with the optimum tenant mix that market conditions afford. I have interacted with well over one hundred professionals in the Commercial Real Estate field, and WITHOUT EXCEPTION, all have had only the highest of praise for her as a person of integrity and ability. When I ask her something that she isn’t sure of, which is rare, she taps into her vast “rolodex” of contacts and retrieves the precise information needed in a matter of minutes.

I have engaged Beth’s services in the past to train our leasing director who serviced Weston Town Center, together with four other retail centers in Weston, and the results surpassed my highest expectations. She infused my manager with self-confidence, passing on her years of experience in a matter of months.

Beth is a charismatic leader who makes her “students” want to please her by learning. They instantly respond to the fact that they are being taught by someone who has mastered their trade. She commands respect, compels dedication, as she generously shares her wealth of knowledge. One could do no better with their time or money than to engage Beth as a teacher, problem solver, and inspiration. She has tireless energy, and is undisputedly the reigning “Dean” of Commercial Real Estate.

Barry J. Belmont