Whether you’re looking to accelerate the effectiveness of a new hire, jumpstart an existing team’s efforts or provide a just-in- time refresher to leverage an opportunity in our ever-changing retail landscape, Beth’s commercial real estate training programs will equip your leasing agents and property managers with the skills they need to succeed in today’s varied marketplace. As an accomplished and truly passionate commercial real estate professional, Beth has both an innate ability to connect with her clients and the pragmatic street cred to move them to positive action.

Beth’s commercial real estate agent training workshops combine classroom-style advice with real-world, hands-on (or feet on the ground) action…and can be tailored to suit. Beth’s classes include canvassing in your market for prospects for your properties, with leads delivered in real-time. Beth can also provide commercial real estate coaching that will bolster your team’s ability to leverage opportunities!

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NEW! For the C-Suite

Our New and advanced Three ‘C’ curricula is customized both to suit your center’s strategic needs and to help you achieve your maximum return.

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For Property Managers

Our program teaches your managers behaviors, habits and techniques to optimize tenant services and drive value for your properties.

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For Leasing Agents

We have a full retail leasing curricula that can be tailored to suit the needs of your team, with classroom style advice and real-world simulations.

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For Buyers

Our course covers how to spot and evaluate opportunities The Azor Way, with specific instruction on how to manage every aspect of the opportunity.

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