What do I do with this intern?

So you did a good thing and brought in an intern for the summer. Yeah!! I’m so excited you did this! Many companies in commercial real estate do not do this and it hurts the Industry. By not exposing our younger generation to what opportunities exist in commercial real estate, they are in the dark. We wonder why we can’t find younger folks to hire.  Just today, I got an email and a phone call from peers looking for junior leasing agents with 1-2 years’ experience. So I’m preaching to the choir- congrats and thank you for bringing in an intern!!

I’ve gotten a few inquiries in the last few weeks asking about what exactly to do with these interns now that they have arrived all wide-eyed and eager! A friend of mine, Gary Broidis, and I have put together a Do’s and Don’ts list for you. This, by all means, does not cover it all but it’s a great start! I encourage other comments and ideas to add to the list of items you think are missing. Thanks Gary for coming up with the Don’ts idea as part of this!

You can download the list of Do’s and Don’ts HERE. I’m eager to hear your comments!

I’m sorry I don’t have tips for the tenant rep folks out there. If any of you can share ideas with your peers, that would be great!