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What’s the secret to becoming a Rockstar Leasing Agent? Is it following up on all leads hoping to land a deal? Aggressively marketing yourself on various online and offline platforms? Or does success come from never taking no for an answer?

I’m Beth Azor, the founder and principal of Azor Advisory Services, South Florida’s premier retail real estate management, development and commercial real estate education firm. With a long history of buying, selling, leasing, developing, re-developing and managing my own retail real estate projects, I have amassed nearly 30 years’ worth of personal case studies, testimonials and ah-hah moments (good and bad) that I’m using in my commercial real estate courses that I use to propel my clients into the limelight of success.

If you are looking to achieve your personal best, maximize your property's value, increase your occupancy, optimize your tenant services or otherwise grow your retail real estate business, I invite you to click through my current commercial leasing opportunities, check out my commercial real estate classes , or contact me directly to learn how I can help your company build success.

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One of my goals is to provide my colleagues with the tools and resources they need to appropriately manage and grow their businesses…in any market.

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Beth’s portfolio of shopping centers is growing! See available inventory, what’s in development and what she’s doing next.

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My courses equip your leasing agents and property managers with skills they need to succeed in today's varied and ever-changing retail landscape.

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The training you provided N3 related to business development, real estate negotiation and leasing was amazing...Everyone who attended told me they were glad we did it and it was the best training they received in our company's 8-year history. – Brenna Wadleigh, CEO, N3 Real Estate

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Rockstar to Superstar Leasing & Canvassing Workshop

An Intensive Leasing & Canvassing Workshop That Will Teach You How To Go From Rockstar to Superstar in No Time Flat!